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Halloween Sale in ON now!
Date added: 10/28/2014

electronic cigarette Halloween Vape sale

PHANTOM HD3 Personal Electronic Vaporizer unleashed by ePuffer
Date added: 9/14/2014




The PHANTOM HD3 portable electronic cigarette vaporizer with replaceable bottom coiled heating element. Using ePuffer's latest liquamizer technology it provides smooth draw and excellent vapor production.

Embrace the freedom you now have as you satisfy those cigarette cravings virtually anywhwere.


Designed to work with ecigarette e-liquids, vapor juices, and special herbal extracts.


phantom hd3 personal electronic vaporizer ecigarette metallic silverepuffer phantom hd3 personal electronic vaporizer black

Available in Black and Metallic Silver colors.


ePuffer Introduces The Ultimate Vaping Experience!
Date added: 07/17/2014

The Electronic Pipe 629 and ECO Summer Cocktail Shisha Flavors Disposable Electronic Cigarettes will be unveiled on Friday, July 18 at the exclusive “Splash of Style” event in Miami, Florida. The event, held at the Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery, features some of the top names in fashion, music and art, and showcases products from some of the most innovative companies in the nation.

After months of perfecting
the design and tweaking every detail, the Electronic Pipe 629 Starter Kit was born. This e-pipe is a true revolution and is poised to become one of the best electronic pipes on the market. The E-Pipe 629 Starter Kit is meant to provide a complete experience, and no detail has been left out.


ePuffer Splash of Style Miami

The Father's Day sale ends soon...
Date added: 06/16/2014

epuffer father day sale ends soon

The sale ends June 18-2014

Happy Easter Sale! - Limited Time Offer!
Date added: 04/17/2014


Happy Easter!

We wish an enjoyable Easter weekend!



EPUFFER Launches the Long-Awaited MAGNUM SNAPS E-PACK Starter Kit.
Date added: 01/22/2014



The Long-Awaited ePuffer MAGNUM SNAPS E-PACK Starter Kit is Now In Stock and Shipping World-Wide!

New York, USA – January 23, 2014


The Magnum REV-3 Snaps boasts innovative technology in two separate forms, the electronic cigarette and charging case.

magnum snaps rev3 open epack ecigarette pcc






Snaps technology features patent-pending magnetic activation and screw-less design, which allows the user to simplify the process of changing a wide array of atomized cartridges. While continually focusing on the user experience, new battery improvements offer an extended lifespan of 400 charge cycles and the cartridge capacity has been increased by 20%.

The battery charging case mirrors the design of a standard cigarette pack, but offers sleek durability to protect the Magnum Rev 3 Snaps secured inside. An emergency flashlight is located on the case’s exterior as a feature to aid any dimly lit situation.

“Those who have had the opportunity to test the product are ecstatic about the quality and overall performance of the Magnum Rev 3 Snaps,” says Shawn Shal, Managing Director at EPUFFER International. “The product’s smooth draw, great vapor production, and long-term performance were highlights among product testers.”








ePuffer unveils Phantom HD Hybrid Clearomizer!
Date added: 01/13/2014

The new PHANTOM HD Hybrid Liquamizer is a step forward from the popular CE4 / CE5 and other Clearomizer systems. The ePuffer patent-pending One-Way Air Valve system prevents from leaking, delivers natural flavor, extra smooth draw and great vapor production. 


phantom hybrid clearomizer

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Buy Phantom HD Starter Kit and receive one EPUFFER HYBRID LIQUAMIZER Free of charge!


MAGNUM SNAPS REV-3 Variety Multi-Flavor packs has just arrived!
Date added: 12/05/2013

MAGNUM SNAPS REV-3 Tobacco Multi-Flavor cartomizers are in stock and shipping now!

magnum snaps variety multi-flavor magnetic cartomizers

New SNAPS are set to Take Over the E-Cig Market in Seconds
Date added: 9/15/2013


New York, USA – 16 September, 2013


ePuffer SNAPS Magnum REV-3 Magnetic activation electronic cigarete

ePuffer have unveiled their latest patent-pending technology SNAPS™, Industry’s first Electronic Cigarette using magnetic activation system. The new MAGNUM REV-3 electronic cigarette model enables easy and reliable operation and provides the ultimate smoking experience.

Despite extraordinary success in the electronic cigarette market ePuffer have never stopped developing their products in their quest to provide the ultimate alternative to smoking.

This is evident in their latest product release that is set to take over the market as it uses innovative technology alongside contemporary design.

Packaged in a sleek eye-catching box the Snaps breathes an air of sophistication from the outset, as it displays the quality of the product at a glance. Opening up the package, users will see that they are presented with everything they need to begin their smoke-free lifestyle in seconds.

Embracing Technology to Deliver the Ultimate Alternative

The packaging isn’t the main feature of SNAPS as this ingenious product utilises magnetic technology to ensure smokers can use these alternative in a flash. The two parts simply snap together to create an e-cigarette that tastes great, looks realistic, delivers nicotine to satisfy cravings but doesn’t pollute the atmosphere or risk the health of others.

The SNAPS don’t smell so there is no longer a lingering odour on clothes. With the elimination of smoke and tar, premature aging decreases, and skin becomes clearer. Gums are healthier and teeth can return to a natural white not stained by smoke from a real cigarette.

As SNAPS is so easier to “snap” together there is no stress, as taking one out of the packet takes the same time as dispensing a real cigarette and so nicotine cravings can be combatted in seconds.
Easy to recharge using the wall plug or in a PC, laptop or tablet, SNAPS is always available when users need it the most.

ePuffer at the International Film Festival!
Date added: 9/03/2013

ePuffer's Canadian tour continues at the International Film Festival in Toronto.

Visit us at CONVERGE 3.0 on Thursday September 12th, at the prestigious Windsor Arms Hotel.

Get ready to be amazed once again, as we will unveil our new MAGNUM "REV-3" Electronic Cigarette.

Despite extraordinary success in the electronic cigarette market we at ePuffer have never stopped developing and innovating products in our quest to provide the ultimate alternative to smoking.

ePuffer will start shipping the MAGNUM REV-3 on September 16th in the United States, Canada and most of the major markets of Europe such as France, Germany and the UK.

epuffer in Canada at TIFF toronto film festival

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ePuffer MAGNUM Electronic Cigarette rated as one of the top health trends of the year!

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