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ePuffer Electronic Pipe ( e-Pipe 605 REV-2 ) Starter Kit - New!

electronic pipe 605

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ePuffer Electronic Pipe ( e-Pipe 605 ) REV-2  |  LIMITED EDITION




The latest innovation in the electronic pipe smoking world. This is the world’s first electronic pipe based on our award-winning EAZE MAGNUM cartomizer technology.

The new ePuffer Electronic Pipe 605 is a third generation high tech non-flammable product developed to provide smokers with a clean alternative to smoking. The patented Cartomizer design allows smokers to always enjoy the same quality taste over a long period of time as each cartridge has a built-in atomizer.

The Electronic Pipe 605 produce a realistic but harmless vapor, and like all ePuffer’s products can be smoked virtually anywhere.

The ePipe 605 comes with a choice of nicotine content, from 1.2mg down to 0.6mg or no nicotine at all. For example, if a person smokes a traditional cigarette with a 1.2mg of nicotine, they are likely to choose the 1.2mg cartridge for their epipe cartridge.



Electronic Pipe 605 REV2




E-Pipe 605 Starter Kit Content


• Electronic Pipe 605 Bowl with 2 removable lithium rechargeable battery
• 3 High Capacity ( up-to 900 puffs ) premium tobacco flavour atomized cartridges
• Universal AC/USB Battery adapter and epipe usb charger 110/240V
• Wooden Giftbox
• Instruction Manual


New REV-2 Features and Improvements

• Removable Battery Design ( 18350 Battery Charger included )
• Waterproof Bowl Design



Each ePipe 605 Atomized Cartridge is equivalent of 75 regular tobacco cigarettes.





What’s ePuffer Electronic Pipe?

ePuffer Electronic Pipe performs similarly to traditional smoking. It looks, feels and tastes like tobacco pipe, and delivers all the pleasures of smoking, without all the problems. The secret to what makes the Electronic Pipe better than traditional smoking is what is inside this revolutionary new product.

The non-flammable Electronic Pipe is driven by modern microelectronic technology, a small rechargeable battery and a unique, safe replaceable cartridge containing water, propylene glycol, nicotine, a scent that emulates a tobacco flavor and a membrane to suspend the ingredients. When using the Electronic Pipe, the act of inhaling or smoking it produces the tactile and craving satisfactions traditional smokers seek, and triggers a vaporizing process that releases a simulated smoke that is actually a vapor mist that harmlessly evaporates into the air within a few seconds.


Why Choose ePuffer instead of the traditional pipe?

• Smoke it anytime, anywhere; not banned. No second-hand smoke.
• Costs less than tobacco smoking. With rechargeable batteries.
• Tastes like tobacco, but contains no tobacco.
• No Carbon Monoxide (No Combustion).
• Virtually odorless; no lingering smell in clothes, home and car.
• Replicates behavioral and physical pleasures of smoking.
• Satisfies nicotine cravings.
• Easy to use (doesn't require matches, lighters or ignition).
• Won't stain your teeth and damage your skin.
• No more embarrassment or guilt.
• Not offensive to others.


What makes the new ePuffer ePipe 605 different from other electronic pipes?

The Electronic Pipe 605, looks and feels like a real tobacco pipe, making it comfortable and easy to use by any pipe smoker. It comes in two parts - the first is a bowl with built-in rechargeable lithium battery and micro computer and the other is a mouthpiece. The new pipe 605 is based on disposable atomized cartridge design. Inside the cartridge you will find the nicotine pad and atomizing mechanism. Once the disposable cartridge is finished, all you need to do, is simply unscrew the used cartridge and screw on the fresh one. No cleaning or maintenance is required. A main advantage of this device is the atomizer is never reused, so you don’t have to worry about problems including nicotine build-up, clogging and residue. Smoker will draw in a Vapor that looks virtually the same as a smoke from real tobacco pipe or cigarettes.

Author: Karen Friis
Date added: 10/15/2011, 10:07 PM


Amazing! My husband ordered the e-cigerette and I opted for the e-pipe. They both helped us wean off of smoking and we couldn't be happier. I love my pipe. I feel eccentric and cool when I "smoke" it. The customer service is bar none and it took only three days to receive me refills cartridges. I highly recommend epuffer and trust them with any and all my purchases.
Author: Tim Prosser
Date added: 06/06/2011, 10:26 AM


The pipe arrived missing part of the charger- customer service sent me a complete charger right away. The instructions are confusing, as has been mentioned, because they appear to have been written by a Chinese person using an chinese-to-english dictionary. The pipe performance seemed to be off and on. Sometimes, most times it was great with thick, dense vapor and that wonderful feeling of a fully satisfying draw. Other times the vapor was very weak. I came to realize that it needed a fully saturated cartridge for the good vapor. After about 4-6 weeks the pipe started coming on by itself, then died completely. Cust. service sent new batteries to try and have now offered a full refund on everything (I plan on trying a new model to come out shortly). While the pipe performance was mixed, the ePuffer customer service was not, they are absolute top shelf! They have found a loyal customer in me.
Author: Chris Rasmussen
Date added: 12/22/2010, 07:33 AM


I've finely received my epipe after a lengthy shipping delay due to the holidays and am very impressed. I've not smoked a regular pipe for years and miss the enjoyment of smoking pipes. This one is a great alternative. No matches, lighter, tamper, pipe cleaners, filters, ash trays. burnt fingers, holes in shirts or pants, etc. I finely got the pipe to work after a call from the support team. The little positive strip needed to be put over the plus end of the battery. The instruction booklet was very confusing. I thought a part was missing. The instruction book is almost useless. Once I got it all figured out it was easy to use the epipe. I almost feel like tossing the instruction booklet. Other than that it's a great product, less the useless booklet. More colors of the bowl would also be nice.
Author: Lou Quigley
Date added: 11/29/2010, 08:25 PM


I've had this e pipe for 2 months now, and it is fantastic. The pipe is well built, solid, feels great in the hand, beautiful finish. Puffing on this pipe is great--no tar, no plugging up, no mess. I am very pleased. I was a regular pipe smoker for 35 years, and this is far more convenient.
Author: D. Jackson
Date added: 11/18/2010, 11:58 AM


HOLY COW!! I've tried e-cigars and e-cigarettes, and they've been pretty good. This e-pipe, though, is incredible! It draws like a pipe, it tastes like a pipe, and the vapor density is outstanding. If I didn't know better, I'd think I started smoking again!
Author: Elaine Atkins
Date added: 11/12/2010, 10:11 AM


Wow! Now I know why this pipe always seems to be outta stock! This is an amazing electronic smoking device! I've had to assure people around me that it is indeed vapor and not smoke I'm exhaling! I've never successfully smoked a pipe before -- always smoked cigarettes. After purchasing several EAZE Magnum e-cigs and cartridges, I gave this pipe a try! I absolutely love it! I now carry it from room to room, pondering and puffing, noting what chores I should be doing...
Author: Jim Sexton
Date added: 9/03/2010, 12:27 PM


I just received my pipe and have to agree that the look and feel is very realistic. The only problem that I have had is with the "instruction manual". This is very unclear to the first time user and I beleive it's from whatever translation it was taken from to english. I'm looking forward to this pipe and I really hope that it's all cracked up to what others have stated.
Author: Frederick Bauer
Date added: 11/18/2009, 03:07 PM


Ive been a 20 year pipe smoker.
This Looks, Feels, Tastes like my favorite tobacco (apple). the pipe itself has a good weight (on the heavy side) a good draw, and the size is on the larger side. Similar to a high end savinelli!!!
The action is actually like a ramp up from a litely lit to fully lit pipe over 3 draws.
IM Very Impressed!!!!!!!!
I hope they come out with different styles and shapes!
Im looking foreward to a longer life!!!!!!!!
GoodBye Tobacco!!!!!!!
Author: Markus
Date added: 06/28/2008, 01:29 PM


I have purchased the ePuffer Electronic Pipe for my self and the Elite series pen style electronic cigarette for my wife. We are more then happy with our purchase.

Electronic smoking is still pretty new to me, but this may be the future of smoking.

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Electronic Pipe replacement 18350 spare battery EPUFFER Electronic Pipe ( e-Pipe ) 629 / 605 REV2 Rechargeabe Spare Battery


Price: $19.95

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ePuffer MAGNUM Electronic Cigarette rated as one of the top health trends of the year!

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